R 220.00


Drug Class: Anti-acne (Oral)

Average  Reported Dosage: 0.1-0.4 mg/kg bodyweight  daily .max 40mg/day

The drug isotretinoin, a potent oral acne medication. Isotretinoin is chemically related to retinoic acid and retinol (Vitamin A), but don't let this association confuse you. This is a strong synthetic drug, far removed from the relatively benign vitamin it is related to in base structure. Although its exact mode of action is unknown, isotretinoin works by inhibiting sebaceous gland functioning, which diminishes oil production in the skin and hinders acne development. Accutane is sold in many countries throughout the world, and is largely regarded as one of the most effective medications ever developed for treating severe acne. Bodybuilders are attracted to this agent for this same use, namely treating the ever so common side effect of anabolic/androgenic steroid use: acne.

Roas is indeed a very effective medication for its intended use, displaying an excellent success rate with even some of the strongest cases of clinical acne (acne vulgaris). For example, a study was published just this year that involved the treatment of 160 patients in Kuwait179. There are many studies that could be referenced showing its high success rate, so this study is not intended to represent the "best" one (simply one of many). The study consisted of a 2-28 week treatment period, followed by regular checkup visits during the year after. Of the patents that finished the study (133), 127 of them noticed partial or complete clearance of acne during treatment. This was a success rate of over 95%, formidable for any drug. Nearly 60% of these patients were free of relapse a full year after Accutane therapy had been discontinued. This excellent long-term success rate exemplifies why this drug is so highly regarded, at least when it comes to effectiveness.

It isn't all good for this drug, however. Accutane is extremely powerful, with many potential side effects. In fact, it can be such a serious drug that some might go so far as to call it controversial. Just ask one of the many Accutane action or victim groups. This drug has made front-page papers on many occasions, linked to birth defects, depression, and a string of patient suicides (among other things). The warnings on this product are numerous and very strong. Especially important is for any women that potentially might become pregnant not use the drug. Even small exposure has been linked to very serious complications with fetal development. It also displays some hepatotoxicityand can lead to inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis, suppressed HDL cholesterol, elevated triglyceride values, and hearing impairment. It may also be linked to a number of other peculiar side effects including psychosis180,   heart   palpitations181,   hoarseness'82,intracranial hypertension183, and even nasal tip deformities when taken following cosmetic surgery184. This is, indeed, one weird drug